Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the sun shines...

The last couple of days have been gorgeous! Unfortunately, the clothesline is out of commission again. Shinerman had it fixed for a couple of loads of laundry before the rain knocked it out. We're hoping the ground will dry up enough to really fix it later this week, 2x4 braces may be in our future.

For a few months now I've been doing a knitting night with my much more crafty friends. I decided that I wanted to learn to knit and what better way to do that than with good friends and wine (or beer)? So far I've made two dishclothes, one mishap that was supposed to be a
fingerless glove, and an ACTUAL fingerless
glove. I wore it for the first time today.
Yes, it was 80 some-odd degrees outside, but inside my office it was a wintry 65 degrees. My cube neighbor was jealous of my one glove.

We also had a napkin party. My really nice friend let me use her sewing machine to make three new napkins. I'm still using the winter ones and am looking forward to a change of pace; the ones I made are really cute and spring-y. We stopped using paper towels the winter of 2007 (wow, I can't believe it's been that long!!). At first we just used dish towels at the dinner table, and that worked fine. Then I remembered that I had a bunch of napkins in the buffet and that was more socially acceptable. I must say this green choice was much easier than I thought it would be. There isn't a noticeable increase in the laundry amount. I clean any really nasty messes with old rags and either rinse them out or, if it's beyond bad, just throw it out.

You make anything lately? Do tell...


-Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista said...

I haven't made anything but a pork roast lately, but I DO want to chime in on how easy it is to use cloth napkins.
Now, full disclosure, I grew up using cloth napkins, so part of shopping for my first apartment included buying napkins, but I’ve been using them FOREVER. (In fact, I still have a few of those my-first-napkins.)
There isn’t an increase in laundry, and, unless we’ve had company, we surely don’t wash them every time.
Using cloth napkins really shows you just how little you normally use any napkin. Throwing out paper after each meal really is a screaming waste.
I have red ones (good for barbecue), white ones (look elegant) and my all purpose teal and yellow plaid (hearty and indestructible).

carina said...

what a lovely fingerless glove you have! Now would be a good time to get started on knitting holiday gifts like hats and scarves or even just cold weather stuff for your family!