Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh, the mounds of trash

We just had the littlest man's birthday last weekend. We had a great time at one of those indoor bounce places. I made the cupcakes and went with very minimal decorations and took home the plastic to recycle. That was about as green as we could do this year. Next year I'll try to go further, but you know, baby steps.

We only bought the man one gift, a wood and metal pot and pan set. Thank god! Because he got tons from everyone else, which is nice, but now we have to figure out where to put it all, and I already cleaned out his toy bins before the party – not enough, though.

And I want to say – Little Tykes you need to cut it with the packaging overload!! He received a turtle carrier with a bunch of 'modeling dough' - very cute by the way, but definitely not recyclable. It quite literally had a third of my kitchen table covered in plastic (not recyclable) and cardboard – all this for stuff that cannot break! I should have taken a picture. Each of the little dough mounds was in its own plastic bag INSIDE its own little canister!! Totally unnecessary, and none of this (except the cardboard) was recyclable!! UGH!!!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista said...

I TOTALLY agree! Everime I see those ads I think the same thing - "Are your children's and husband's arms broken?" Why is it ALL your job? And really? Don't you have a dishwasher? Load that mother up and call it a night!