Saturday, August 22, 2009

smells like no mind

I smell like patchouli. No offense intended for anyone who also smells like it and enjoys that smell, but I do not. My first memory of this smell is from Fry St Fair my freshman year at UNT. I was walking by that old house next to Lucky Lou's, only when it was just a beer store before it was a bar. They had random shit strewn around the yard and the smell of patchouli was coming out of the house in unending waves. It was gross, and it is still gross.

So why then do I smell like patchouli? I've been on a quest to reduce the trash we generate. I buy what I can in bulk and TRY to remember to bring my own bulk bags. I'm not ready to go the 'no-poo' route so I figured I would try the bulk shampoo and conditioner on offer at The Cupboard. I noticed before that it was Nature's Gate, which I was using anyways, so I didn't look at the label any further to see what version it was and made plans to use it the next time I needed said shampoo and conditioner. Let me say one thing about Nature's Gate - it does have many unpronounceable ingredients, but none that I recognize as nasties(parabens and such) and it's much cheaper than the Shikai that I LOVE!

Off to the Cupboard I went for food and bulk shampoo and conditioner...I got it home and put the conditioner in the bottle I ALREADY had - making progress already. Then I smell it...the PATCHOULI...blech. I thought maybe it wasn't so bad, maybe it'll wear off as soon as it's rinsed out, maybe...but no, I smelled like it all day and actually got a headache from the smell (psychological I'm sure). I asked Shinerman about it and he said it smelled fine, what does he know?
So, now I'm stuck with half a bottle of patchouli smellin' conditioner. I can't bear to throw it away so I'll be smelling like this for a while, if I happen to see you, no mind.


-Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista said...

Oh no Maxine! Well, if you find you just can't stand it, you know you can freecyle it. Some happy hippy will surely take it off your hands.

giftofgreen said...

Use this opportunity to explore your patchuouli-side! I see a whole new world opening up to you! :) I like the scent, actually, but only in small doses.

Anonymous said...


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Andrea Frazer said...

Hi Maxine -

It's Andrea from BabyCenter. I see you haven't blogged in a few months. Hope you are well.

I'm back to working again - this time at a public relations firm writing blog content for a supermarket.

I'm curious as I look at the previous blogger's comment: Do you respond to those corporate requests? I ask because part of my job is to ask bloggers if they would accept a 25.00 gift card for holiday shopping (brand to be announced) with the idea that they post about the brand.

If you got something like that from someone you knew - me for example - would you be more inclined to accept it? Or would you still think it's cheesey?

Give me your honest opinion - this asking bloggers to accept swag is new for me. I'd like to be direct with people and not bs.

Thoughts, Ms. Green Across Texas?

Thanks and much luck with that patchouli smell -