Thursday, December 4, 2008

Denton Green Cement?

This week the Denton City Council postponed a vote on new "green" cement requirements for city contracts. They did this because Ash Grove Cement is suing Dallas, Ft Worth, and Plano, among others for similar requirements.

Ash Grove "alleges that the green cement resolutions violate Texas law, which it says require municipal bodies to evaluate only the competence of the bidder and the quality and price of its products or services." I say requiring bidders to comply with certain requests for the makeup of the product is well within the rights of anyone, including municipal bodies. And what of the quality of other things, like the environment and other costs, such as higher health care costs due to poor air quality

They are the last hold out in the area with wet kilns – the dirtiest way to make cement. This kiln has been around since 1965. 1965!? In between then and now you couldn't invest in some new freaking technology?

Now, they have reduced Iron Oxide emissions by about half in the last few years, but I wonder how much more they could reduce emissions with newer technology and processes?

So, if you want your elected officials to stand up and require city contracts to use more eco-friendly cement manufacturing practices, contact them this week! And then come back and let me know what you said!


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